A movie that could not have been made in any other span of time, while still having the same impact. In a time when home computers and the "internet" was only just beginning to scratch the surface in your average homes, the subject matter of the film was lost on a large part of the public. However for those who found themselves at the right age, at the right time, with the right interests, Hackers not only scratched the surface, it burrowed deep.

Hackers certainly has its loyal fanbase, as well as those who take their fandom one or two (or maybe several) steps further. HackersCurator.com was built for these people.

Hundreds of hours were spent digging through Google Image Search, reaching out to cast/crew from the film, pouring through vintage computer forums, and contacting others in the community, to put together the contents of what you are about to see. Hundreds more were spent just putting everything into a consumable format.

"We demand free access to data, well... it comes with some responsibility". The hunt for this infomation was very gratifying. If you're looking for something and are at your wit's end, we may have what you are looking for, or may be able to help. Just know that this serves as your "Spoiler Alert". For those who would simply like to know more about the film from a time when multi-hour behind the scenes bonus content was just not a thing, perhaps this page can fill that gap. Information, interviews, photographs and more, will continually be updated as more information is discovered. If you know something we dont, we would LOVE to hear about it. Please use the Contact link in the upper right. The Hackers cult community is strong and loyal, lets grow this page together.